When Should My Company Invest In A Custom Trade Show Display?

A trade show is a big investment for an organization of any size. However, depending on how often your organization attends trade shows throughout the year, you may want to consider investing in a custom trade show display.

Rental trade show displays are great for many businesses. However, trade show booths that are rented only allow for so much branding. What’s more, if you visit multiple trade shows each year, then it may be best to buy a custom trade show display of your company’s own.

Consider the following ways you can tell when it’s time to invest in a custom trade show display for your organization rather than opting for another rental.

Your company attends four trade shows per year

A rental trade show display exhibit is a good investment if you’re attending fewer than three trade shows in a year. This is because the average trade show booth rental is about a third of the price of a custom trade show booth.

When you’re exhibiting your company at three or more trade shows, you’re spending more money renting your booth than you would be if you purchased one. What’s more, you’re losing out on branding potential.

Up to 49% of trade show attendees plan to buy one or more of the products exhibited at the show. By not using a custom trade show booth, you’re losing out on the likelihood of attendees purchasing, or even seeing, your products.

Your company isn’t making any big changes anytime soon

One reason some companies choose to rent their trade show displays is that they plan to make changes to their products, services, or branding. However, if your organization has been stable and you don’t plan to make any big changes anytime soon it may be time to switch over to a custom trade show exhibit.

Minimal changes to your company’s core values, branding, or messaging can be easily altered over time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about custom booth displays being set in stone. But you do get to enjoy the freedom of having your very own unique trade show booths to set up among the Big Leagues.

It’s a big decision to invest in a custom trade show booth. However, if your company has been frequenting trade shows, it may be in your best interest to invest in a custom trade show display. For more information on custom trade show booth design, contact World Class Graphics & Displays today.

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