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Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

We can install or remove graphics for an entire fleet throughout the entire nation.  We understand the importance of keeping your fleet on the move and completing installations within a short deadline.

Gain Maximum Visibility

Our vehicle wraps have been designed to provide you with maximum visibility. No matter which product you choose, your message can be displayed on every side of the vehicle. Use our vehicle wraps out on the road and let your marketing dollars work for you, one vehicle at a time.

 Quality Is Our Top Priority

We are a 3M Certified Graphic Installation Company and qualified to offer the 3M MCS warranty – the industry’s most comprehensive warranty and support program. As such, we deliver products that create graphics of unsurpassed consistency, reliability, and durability. Our installers are trained at the 3M headquarters in Minnesota which allows us to be a 3M certified company and ensure we utilize best business processes throughout the company.

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Grab Attention with Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Graphics

Do you want more attention from your potential clients? Why not turn heads wherever you go with our custom vehicle lettering and wraps? The cost is typically just a fraction of what you would spend on traditional advertising/marketing and, if you look at ROI, its actually a better investment. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet we are here to help.

We print on high resolution advanced printers using 3M material that will make your brand as big as possible. The end result is a great looking vehicle that increases your brand awareness to hundreds of people every day while on the road.

And it gets better? Compared to other marketing strategies, the costs incurred for this are just a fraction of a second. (Read about ROI of vehicle wraps in our education center.) So let us turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard.

Vehicle Lettering

Brighten up your vehicle with beautiful lettered messages and decals. Let your vehicle voice your brand message. Whether you adorn your vehicles with lettering by yourself or allow us, you are going to love the results you get.

Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics are one of the best ways for mobile advertising on a mass scale. As your business completes daily operations, your vehicles will advertise on your behalf. With just a fraction of the costs of traditional advertising, you’ll enjoy the results of a full-fledged marketing campaign. Whether it’s a single decal or a complete warp, fleet graphics demonstrates proficiency while promoting your business.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are an affordable way to reach out to a wide audience and to add more customers to your database. Market your message in a right manner and you will convince them that you are the best choice. As for the costs, they are not much, but the results are quite significant.

Expect The Best

We use the latest equipment and advanced techniques for developing our vehicle graphics and lettering. Recent innovations in adhesives and cast vinyl have improved application quality and we are cashing in on this opportunity so that we can provide you topnotch products that are best-in-class.

At World Class Graphics & Displays, we use only high quality materials from reputed manufacturers. Our materials offer a strong resistance to the harsh rays of the sun and do not get damaged easily. We also use a state-of-the-art printer for producing bright colors.

Once we are done with printing, we laminate our products to improve their lifespan. This is the key to durability, longevity, and brighter colors.

All of our products are easy to remove and can be used for a number of advertising campaigns.

Design Services

We know brand is important – your logo, name and colors help customers and prospects identify your brand quickly. Our creative team can design custom vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to match your brand standards. Or if you have a design already in mind, we can work with many file formats. It doesn’t matter if you start from scratch or work with an agency – we can work with you to find a cost-effective way to get you noticed by your customers and prospects.

Installation and Removal

We hold the distinct honor of being the only 3M certified company in all of Eastern Iowa. This means that our installation staff undergoes extensive training before they are allowed anywhere near an installation site. If that’s not good enough, we are also members of the United Applications Standard Group (UASG), ensuring the highest level of quality in our installations. We comply by all 3M regulations, including the use of durable 3M vinyl materials that are weatherproof, tear-proof and will maintain their integrity for years to come.

Huge Installation Facility

At World Class Graphics & Displays, we have an installation facility big enough to accommodate the biggest mammoths on the roads of Iowa, including 18 wheelers and full sized 53 foot trailers!

Nationwide Network of Installers

Though we are based in Iowa, we have a nationwide network of installers that are available at your request! Whether you are travelling out of state or are based in California, our staff is always ready to serve you.

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