At World Class Displays, designing an effective trade show booth display is a process that utilizes all our capabilities. It is a multi-step process that allows us to create a trade show display that represents the essence of your brand in a creative and functional way, while keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is a booth or exhibit that will help to build your business.

Building a Partnership

We begin by building a partnership. This means getting in tune with your brand by learning as much as possible about your business, your products and your specific needs. By developing a complete understanding of your business, we can better utilize our creative talents to build a trade show display that is more than just superficially eye-catching and practically functional. Instead, it will be a booth or exhibit that represents your brand fully and presents your company in the best way possible.

Building the Idea

The next step is building the idea. By working with you to determine what you need to accomplish, we are able to develop a concept for your trade show display that is not just strategic and goal focused, but also functional and creative. We produce detailed blueprints and CAD renderings that allow you to see exactly what the display will look like, and collaborate closely to ensure that every aspect of the trade show display we create does exactly what it should do to meet your needs and support your strategy.

Building the Display

Then we build the display, bringing the idea to life by combining top quality structural elements and eye-catching graphics. Our extensive in-house fabrication services allow us to fulfill the design with the utmost quality to create a trade show display that will stand out even in a sea of others. And our work doesn’t end there. We also custom design and build packaging for your display to ensure that it arrives at the trade show intact and ready for assembly. Our complete and easy-to-follow setup instructions allow you to put your trade show display into place as quickly and easily as possible — or World Class Displays can even do that for you. And after the show, we can refurbish and store your trade show display for you in preparation for its next use.

Building on Our Success

Our trade show expertise goes far beyond creating award-winning displays. We can use our extensive knowledge of the trade show arena to help you have the best possible trade show experience. We can help make your booth or exhibit arrangements, assist with staffing your booth, provide marketing and promotional support, supply needed audio/video equipment, and even help you gauge the success of your trade show display through measurable ROI. Our trade show experts are here to help you have the best trade show possible, with the goal of attracting and engaging more visitors, making a lasting impression, and building your business.

Inspirations For Your Next Project

The success of your tradeshow depends on the power of your booth and materials. We have a wide range of products that will help you convey the right message to your target audience. We can provide you with a solution that will command attention and leave a lasting impression.


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