Trade Show Insights

Up your trade show game with engaging presentations

You’re competing for attention on the trade show floor. You can win fans – customers and prospects – with a well-crafted presentation. It can help increase your leads, add to your brand message and jumpstart your sales. Get your game plan together by thinking about the layout of your booth and the way you [...]

Get Into The Heads of the Trade Press

No brainer. Trade shows are the ideal stage to roll out new products to your target markets. They’re also the ideal stage to engage the press covering the show looking for new innovations of interest to their readers. If you use your head – and plan ahead – you can expand your press coverage.  Know […]

Spring is here and it’s time to green up.

The climate for green initiatives in trade show exhibits is changing.  As baby boomers in decision making roles are replaced by young professionals who have grown up with a recycling mindset, you can set your booth apart from other exhibitors by putting some simple practices into place.  If your company has [...]

Don’t Tread Lightly on Your Booth Floor Plan

When you’re planning your trade show booth, your focus is usually up. On vertical booth graphics, hanging signs – those typical and important elements that sell your brand and help you stand out in the crowd. But don’t forget about the horizontal elements that can be an open door to your floor.  After [...]

The Devil’s In the Details

Your feet are in the fire if you’re in charge of managing your company’s trade show initiatives. Picking your booth space, strategizing on marketing and sales goals, producing the most eye-catching graphics, staffing, travel and lodging, drayage, set up, tear down. The list seems endless but everything on [...]

Managing Leads from the Show

It’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about winter in the Midwest. I’m talking about the hustle and bustle of trade show season. You’ve carefully allocated the time needed to coordinate, travel to, and exhibit at a show. Put that same amount of effort and coordination into an organized lead follow [...]

Trade shows are worth it!

Investment in trade show marketing has been proven to be a worthwhile investment.  With the following points, you can communicate to management that face-to-face time at trade shows is worth it. Here are some measures you can use to justify the value of trade show investments: Customer meetings savings. If [...]

Keep your eye on the travel expenses

If you’re in charge of managing your company’s trade show budget, you’ve got a lot of balls in the air. Committing to your location on the show floor. Deciding whether to rent or custom build your booth. Brainstorming for an engaging marketing theme. And who to staff the booth.  Travel and accommodations [...]

The Face(s) of Your Company

You’ve put a lot of work into pre-event marketing, designing an eye-catching exhibit, effective signage, product demonstrations and high-appeal giveaways. But tradeshows have always been about face-to-face conversations with prospects and customers. We’ve all seen it. Booth personnel on their phones, [...]

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