Spring is here and it’s time to green up.

The climate for green initiatives in trade show exhibits is changing. 

As baby boomers in decision making roles are replaced by young professionals who have grown up with a recycling mindset, you can set your booth apart from other exhibitors by putting some simple practices into place. 

If your company has any green initiatives, promote them. Attendees who care about the environment want you to walk the talk. Consider at least one booth graphic that touts your company’s commitment to saving the world.  

I know what you’re thinking. We’re not here to make a stand on the environment. We’re here to generate leads and make money for our company. Fair enough. But by becoming a leader in green practices, you can set yourself apart from the competition and attract visitors to your booth. And, importantly, actually reduce your trade show investment. Here’s how.

  • Reduce and reuse. Analyze each element of your exhibit program to make sure it’s providing a valuable return – and reducing or eliminating anything unnecessary. Think of all the components your exhibit program involves – from the exhibit structure, lights, paper, giveaways, pre-show mailers –and trim things down to elements that have an actual business benefit.
  • Modular components are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible and can still be customizable. They allow you to reconfigure your exhibit for multiple shows and booth sizes and to swap out panels to reflect changes in messaging.
  • Go green with electronic pre-show mailers, event announcements, and post-event communications. You’ll not only save some trees but also save on the costs of paper and postage. 
  • Don’t hand out printed brochures. Instead, provide company information via a print-on-demand system in your booth, a branded USB drive loaded with your literature, or PDFs loaded onto your Web site. You’ll not only save paper, but you’ll cut down on the amount of material you ship to each show.

Contact World Class Graphics for more tips on going green – and growing some green for your company’s bottom line. 

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