Don’t Tread Lightly on Your Booth Floor Plan

When you’re planning your trade show booth, your focus is usually up. On vertical booth graphics, hanging signs – those typical and important elements that sell your brand and help you stand out in the crowd. But don’t forget about the horizontal elements that can be an open door to your floor. 

After electricity needs are put in place, your booth flooring (and don’t forget the padding) is the next man in. You may just think of it as a necessary evil to cover up that network of wiring, but a creative floor can add a new dimension to your exhibit that brings your booth space to a whole new level.

The floor is a hardworking part of your exhibit that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 

When done correctly, it can add a ‘wow’ factor to the whole display. For example, changing the carpet texture or color can highlight different areas of your booth and add to the design. 

And don’t go for the cheap seats – your standard bar stools or office-style chairs – those things trade show attendees sit in every day in their jobs. Invite your customers and prospects to sit down and have a productive conversation in comfy chairs or couches. Think about a living room setting where they can relax and just have a conversation. 

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