Up your trade show game with engaging presentations

You’re competing for attention on the trade show floor. You can win fans – customers and prospects – with a well-crafted presentation. It can help increase your leads, add to your brand message and jumpstart your sales.

Get your game plan together by thinking about the layout of your booth and the way you want to interact with attendees. Here are some options to consider:

A continuous loop: Once the presentation is set up, it doesn’t need any further user input. Slides are auto-timed to change at regular intervals. They can be synced with a voiceover or other audio. When the presentation ends, it begins again from the start.

With this kind of slide show, each slide should be self-contained. This is important because viewers won’t always watch from the first slide to the last. They might come in at slide 2 or 10. They should be able to understand each slide and catch the gist of your presentation, even if they haven’t seen previous slides.

User-directed: The display is static until a visitor starts to interact with it. They can choose how long to view each slide. This kind of presentation has more interactive potential, as the user can click on hyperlinks or use action buttons to modify what they’re seeing.

A user-directed presentation offers possibilities the continuous loop does not. When users have control over the presentation, you can show more complex info. They’ll be starting at the beginning, so each slide can build on information from preceding ones.

Live demonstrations: This is an especially effective format if you have equipment running in real time in your booth or you have an interactive presentation that showcases your services. Make sure your presenter is dynamic and have an adequate PA system so they can easily be heard over the background noise on the floor. If space allows, create an intimate setting with comfortable seating and snacks. 

Contact the trade show experts at World Class Graphics for help with your next event. We can help you up your game for a winning presentation and help you get the most out your trade show investment.