The Face(s) of Your Company

You’ve put a lot of work into pre-event marketing, designing an eye-catching exhibit, effective signage, product demonstrations and high-appeal giveaways. But tradeshows have always been about face-to-face conversations with prospects and customers.

We’ve all seen it. Booth personnel on their phones, working on their computers, eating lunch. Not a very inviting or engaged atmosphere for attendees walking by. Sure, there’s a lot of down time, but staff your booth with people who fully understand your trade show objectives and their roles in accomplishing your goals. 

Here are some tips for successful booth staffing:

  • Prep them on what will be expected of them. This includes how to dress, when to arrive and how long they’ll need to staff the booth.
  • Train them on how to qualify viable prospects and how to use the show’s badge scanning equipment.
  • Don’t overstaff your booth. Staffing your exhibit area with too many people may turn away potential visitors who may think your exhibit is too crowded to navigate.
  • When you return from the show, have your booth representatives follow up with leads immediately with phone calls, packets, personal letters and invitations for meetings to discuss next steps.

Plan ahead to make sure your booth staff’s faces stand out from the crowd. And contact World Class Graphics and Displays for support that will help you stand out on the trade show floor.

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