Are you new to trade shows and not sure if you’re ready to invest in buying a full display? Are you traveling to numerous shows this year and need a variety of set-up for different events? Do you want to experiment with different options, without investing long-term? Then renting might be for you.

Why Rent?

Whether you rent or buy a display for your booth, the quality and procedures remain the same. We work with you to design an exhibit that meets your needs and fits the venue well. We use our guaranteed display products, and bring in high quality pieces from other sources when necessary. Renting or buying – the end goal is the same. An attractive trade show display that works for you and entices your audience. Renting a display allows for a more affordable, short-term solution.

Stand Out

Renting from World Class Displays gives your brand a unique flexibility and the ability to stand out in a crowd. Many brands work with us for big events and renting gives you the chance to change up your trade show displays from event to event. Show up with something new and impress your audience. Or attend your first trade show without a permanent investment.

Always the Same Promise

Whether you rent or buy, our displays are available for any venue or event size. Check out our many options to see what might work for your next trade show. Don’t forget we offer a number of accessory options to make your display a success.


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