The Devil’s In the Details

Your feet are in the fire if you’re in charge of managing your company’s trade show initiatives. Picking your booth space, strategizing on marketing and sales goals, producing the most eye-catching graphics, staffing, travel and lodging, drayage, set up, tear down. The list seems endless but everything on it is a necessary evil to make your trade show presence successful – and keep your budget intact.

Controlling costs can be a tricky business. Here are some tips for forethought (and afterthought) that can help you keep your budget from raging out of control. 

  • Early Bird Discounts – As soon as you download the exhibitor kit, take note of the discount dates. By sending in these forms early, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in labor, drayage, electrical and furnishings.
  • Booth Space Contracts – Take advantage of early discount rates to book your space. Not only will you get a better location on the show floor, you can realize significant savings, depending on your booth’s footprint.
  • Inspect/Set Up Your Exhibit In Advance – This is especially important for new builds and will save you invaluable time on the show floor. You’ll know that you have all of the components included in your shipment and avoid shopping for parts or overnighting graphics to your site.
  • Purchase or Rent Furnishings and Other Equipment – If your exhibit involves monitor screens or seating, you may want to consider purchasing vs. renting them at each show. If you intend to use these items for at least 2-3 shows, you may be better off purchasing.
  • Check and Double-Check Your Invoices – Make sure your rate/sq. ft. is what you contracted for. Keep all of your on-site I & D (Installation and Dismantle) paperwork. Keep track of all labor hours and services and compare the notes to the labor tickets and don’t sign unless they match. Post-show, compare the labor tickets to your invoice to make sure they match up to the services and furnishings you were actually provided.

World Class Graphics and Displays’ experienced trade show professionals can help you every step of the way. Contact us today for tips for cost-cutting strategies, creating show-stopping graphics and putting out fires on the show floor.

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