Get Into The Heads of the Trade Press

No brainer. Trade shows are the ideal stage to roll out new products to your target markets. They’re also the ideal stage to engage the press covering the show looking for new innovations of interest to their readers. If you use your head – and plan ahead – you can expand your press coverage. 

Know Your Audience:  Understanding a publication’s scope and readership is key to gaining credibility with an editor – enhancing your chances of coverage. Research editorial calendars and online presence to arm yourself with the information you need to pitch your company’s news toward specific issues and topics the publication focuses on. 

Schedule Meetings Prior to the Show: While some editors employ a less structured approach to their trade show schedule, most prefer to set meetings with exhibitors well ahead of time. Start outreach at least two months before the show, piquing their interest with an idea of what you want to talk to them about and why it would pique the interest of their readers. Be patient and diligent. They’re busy folks – so be prepared to follow up.

Send An Advance Press Release: Prepping editors about the new stuff you’re going to showcase helps make their job easier. If your dateline is the starting date of the show, editors won’t release it ahead of the event to tip your hat. But you’ll be helping them prewrite content before they leave for the event. After they view your product on site, they can tweak their text and publish it quickly – saving them a lot of time after hours. 

Have The Right People In The Room: Busy editors don’t just want a canned marketing presentation when they come to your booth. They want to connect with the experts in your company that can talk about the benefits of your products or services. Once you’ve scheduled editor appointments, schedule spokespeople to be available at those times. And take the time to train them about key talking points that need to be communicated during the editor meeting. 

Press Room Presence: Instead of a traditional press kit, provide a flash drive paired with a one sheet or note card overview covering what they’ll find. Always provide high-res images and videos if you can. By making their jobs easier when they sit down to publish their work, the higher your chances of getting your news

World Class Graphics and Displays is ready to put our thinking caps on to help you optimize your press coverage at your next trade show event. Contact us today. 

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