Why Use An Island Booth To Wow The Crowd At Your Next Trade Show

An estimated 92% of all trade show attendees are looking for new products and services. However, in order to turn trade show attendees into potential consumers of your own product, it’s essential to grab their attention with a unique trade show booth design.

An island booth makes for a great eye-catching trade show booth design. It’s powerful impact and bold 20×20 exhibit not only boosts your presence at trade shows, but it also improves your return on investment.

If you’re considering an island booth for your company’s next trade show booth design, contemplate the following tips and tricks to help your display succeed.

Take advantage of size

One of the biggest advantages of island booths is their size. The typical trade show display is 10×10. This means you automatically stand apart from the crowd with your display. But why stop there?

An island booth’s height can reach as high as 24 feet. Consider hanging graphics or banners for increased visibility across the entire trade show. Or, to increase the amount of room you have on your display for a demo, use the height of your island display to communicate important information about your company.

Know how to use your display

A 20×20 booth may seem intimidating if you’re used to operating with a traditional 10×10 design. However, it’s important that you don’t treat your island booth as if it’s the smaller booth you’re used to.

An island display makes your business look not just professional, but also influential. Therefore, you want to be sure you know how to use your booth to make your company’s services and products memorable. Use the creative freedom you have to really stand out and don’t hold back.

Be versatile with your open-concept

Island trade show displays offer accessibility all the way around. This is beneficial because you don’t have to worry about how potential consumers will enter your booth. What’s more, the open-concept makes your business seem that much more inviting to your target audience.

Use this open-concept design to your advantage by being versatile with your space. Create a designated meeting room, workstation, or demo area. Additionally, consider creating a space where attendees can access your booth and move around. Open-concept is great for visibility, but you want to be sure your booth doesn’t get too crowded.

Island trade show booth designs can put your company at an advantage at your next show. For more information on island booth displays and other custom booth displays, contact World Class Graphics & Displays today.

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