What Makes The Most Popular Trade Show Displays So Effective?

It can be a challenge to come up with ideas for unique trade show booths. After all, hundreds of companies will be showcasing their brands in similar ways in similar-sized booths, with 10’x10′ being the most common size.

However, just like how food labels and book covers catch the eye of potential consumers despite there being multitudes on the shelves, so can your own trade show display catch the eye of trade show attendees. But how?

Consider the following popular trade show displays and how they stand apart from the crowd in their own unique way.

The Recreated-Location Display

These types of trade show booth designs work best for organizations that are location-centered such as amusement parks, resorts, or restaurants. If the atmosphere and location of your organization is one of the key reasons consumers should consider a visit, then why not include it in your custom trade show booth?

By re-imagining your business using custom booth displays, you bring potential buyers out of the trade show and directly into your organization.

The Bold and Simple Display

Displays can be structurally unique to gain the attention of trade show attendees. However, they can also utilize the simple use of color. Ultimately, attendees need to be able to navigate your booth easily and without traffic jams.

Design styles such as simple panels provide enough leg-room for curious consumers. Customize your design with bold, attention-grabbing color and your booth will be dressed for success.

The Interactive Display

Many companies point to the consumer’s limited attention span when visitors fail to visit their trade show booth. However, it isn’t so much the consumer’s attention span as it is the consumer’s quick judgment of the booth.

Interactive displays are popular because they not only grab a trade show attendee’s attention but also their interest. It’s interest that will draw potential consumers to your booth.

For instance, the incorporation of a television or touch-screen into your display helps provide quick visuals to passersby. It also grabs their attention and promotes participation, which is more likely to drive consumer interest.

Trade show display manufacturers work with you to create a trade show booth design that showcases your brand and helps you stand apart from the other exhibitors. For more information on custom trade show display, contact World Class Graphics & Displays today.

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