Transportation Considerations

Should I show up early or late?

In a social setting, you may decide to be fashionably late. In a business setting, being late can tarnish your reputation. In a trade show setting, deciding whether or not to send your booth and equipment early or on time is more than just a reputation thing – it’s a money thing. 

Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to decide what’s best – shipping to the advance warehouse or shipping directly to the trade show site.

Advance shipping can help you avoid potential overtime labor charges on set up because your freight will be there on time and ready to set up, possibly on straight time. Plus, you won’t have a crew waiting around on the company’s clock for the graphics and equipment to be delivered to your booth. Downside is, you don’t have control over how your freight is handled in storage.

Shipping directly to the trade show sight puts you in line with the other guests- waiting around for their turn to get into the party. You may save money on the front end, but you may incur additional labor costs on the back end for overtime set up support. Upside is you’ll be there to make sure your booth components are well taken care of.

Key considerations: Know the parameters of the trade show invitation. Study the trade show hand book to understand deadlines for shipping dates. Know your hosts – including the sponsoring trade association and the venue administration. 

Proper shipping preparation for a trade show involves thinking ahead – and choosing the best option for your investment. Contact World Class Graphics & Displays today.

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