How to Showcase Your Brand at a Trade Show

One of the best ways for your brand to reach many potential buyers is by getting a booth at a trade show. Hundreds of people from a variety of industries all go to trade shows as prospective buyers or investors. To capture their attention, you will need to stand out. You will be competing with top business innovators for interest in your brand. So how do you start?

Custom Booth Displays

The first step you need to take is getting the best graphic designs. The general theory behind booth graphic design is that your visuals should be 40% empty space. Leaving nearly half of your design space blank might seem counter-intuitive, but trying to shove too much information into a small space will make it much less visually appealing. You want your booth to pop.

Network Hard

Anything you can do to connect with attendees will be one of the most valuable assets you can find at trade shows. Have plenty of business cards with any and all social media links related to your brand. If they have time to meet with you now and discuss your product in depth, answer all their questions with a smile. Understand that the people who attend trade shows are looking for you, all you need to do is tell them why.

Choose Information Carefully

A minimal approach to information is good, but be sure to maximize its impactfulness. Find the most relevant and outstanding facts about your product and proudly push them to a prominent position on your display. Attendees will be visually assaulted all day by dozens of exhibits. Numbers and words and brands will all blur together over time. Your job is to keep it simple, have clear imagery, and don’t overwhelm your prospective customers.

Before you begin building your trade show display, consider what other exhibits might be there, and the likely approach they will take. Also, consider your marketing strategy. This includes, but certainly is not limited to demographics, brand identity, and market structure. Integrate your strategy into your graphics and aim to have one of the most unique trade show booths there. Make connections with everyone there, and always ensure you are presenting your brand in the most positive light possible. Professional trade show display manufacturers can help to provide insights as you prepare your exhibit.

Whether you’re a seasoned trade show veteran or not, remember to showcase your brand at a trade show. If you have any questions about designing an effective trade show booth or need a display expert on your side, contact our team at World Class Graphics & Displays.