Selecting the Right Show

Educate Yourself Before You Go

You would never send your kid off to college without checking it out first. It’s a big investment and you need to know that your target market – your son or daughter – found it worthwhile to be there and that your investment in their education paid off. 

This may sound weird, but choosing the right trade show to attend is sort of like choosing the right college. It’s a big investment and you want to be sure your investment pays off.

Just like a college visit, attend the event as an observer before you make the commitment as an exhibitor. You can get a feel for attendance, see what competitors have already committed to exhibit and evaluate booth space. This will give you a great opportunity to take notes on the various exhibit spaces and monitor traffic patterns. Nothing better than experience to make the right decision.  

While at the show, here are some things you should look for:

Traffic Flow: Where are the cool kids going on campus? Traffic will flow in a uniform way, so take a look at the show map and try to plan accordingly. Keep in mind that most event attendees flow to the right, so if possible, try to be to the right.

Other Exhibitors/Sponsors: Where are the cool kids hanging out? Know where top brands, sponsors and attendee favorites are located.

Past Experience: What do past attendees say about the show? If you’ve participated in the event before, evaluate your reservations and determine if the downsides outweigh the benefits.

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