Post-Show Marketing Strategies

Be The Other 30%

In our previous blogs, we discussed that 70% of show attendees plan a list of booths to visit before even setting foot on the trade show floor. Yet only 10-15% percent of trade show exhibitors do any pre-show marketing to promote their trade show booth.

Well, here’s another stat for you to consider. Industry research shows that 70% of exhibitors have no formalized plan or process in place for lead follow up. Really? Then why go?

People like attention. So here’s how you can give it to them and ensure your sales team takes advantage of the leads they got at the show. 

Send a personalized email:

Make sure it is from the salesperson they talked to and hopefully, about the specific conversation. Today’s scanning technology is making it easier, but can get confusing as a visitor may talk to so multiple people. But it’s worth a try. 

Send pictures to leads:

Assign someone in your booth to take pictures (or selfies) of visitors, both active and random. You’ll need their company contact information and their permission to send stuff but people like seeing themselves. Usually.

Post pictures on social media:

This is tricky because you don’t want to show your competition who is checking you out. Be general with your content with the goal of showing activity in your booth.

Follow up with direct mail: 

Hopefully, you’re working with a marketing company who can personalize printed pieces with the prospect’s name and a PURL (Personal URL) to link them directly to the product they discussed during their trade show booth visit to the info in on your website.

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