Memorable Booth Giveaways

Making decisions about giveaways in your trade show booth is similar to your pre-show outreach strategy. Think about attendees in tiers -current customers, viable prospects and the rest of the crowd.

Giveaways for current customers should be your highest ticket item – probably in the $10 – $20 range. Choose something that shows appreciation for their business and has sticking power to stay on their desk or get used. Your imprinted logo is a given and consider a tagline that highlights the theme of your booth.

Viable prospects – people who want their badge scanned for follow up information – is your next tier. Giveaways should cost in the $3.00 – $5.00 range and should be mentioned in your post-show follow up communications to help them remember the conversation you had.

The rest of the crowd includes attendees that just look for the freebies – or counter-scrapers as we affectionately like to call them. It’s okay to have something out on your welcome counter but don’t make a big investment. Select items that are economical – in the $1.00 – $3.00 range.

At all levels, promotional items should tie in to the benefits your products have to offer. Bags. Ho hum. If you sell refrigeration products, consider a soft-sided cooler for your current customers and a coozie for your low ticket item. If you provide IT support, consider a portable phone charger for customers and a screen cleaning cloth for the giveaway at your welcome counter. Get creative.

For more information on finding memorable giveaways for your next trade show, contact World Class Graphics & Displays today.

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