How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Design 100% Effective

Trade show displays are one of the most important elements for companies to consider when marketing their business to potential customers. Needless to say, making sure custom booth displays are 100% effective is crucial to any marketing strategy in a trade show.

Whether your business is taking off for a trade show in the near future or you’d like to enter that market in a year or two, thinking about effective trade show booth design is a process that needs to begin as soon as possible. Let’s take a closer look at just what elements need to go into a trade show booth design to make it 100% effective.

Simplicity Over Elegance

It’s easy to believe that simplicity and elegance are mutually exclusive concepts, but the truth is that simplicity often begets elegance. Simple, bold, clear graphics are going to do three things for your trade show booth:

  • Catch attention
  • Create a memorable display
  • Offer essential information

If you feel tempted to use multiple images to tell a complex story, you’re going to lose potential visitors. In the vast majority of cases, a single and simple image will create enough intrigue to draw people in to hear the longer story from you and your colleagues.

What’s the Message?

An image may be worth a thousand words, but your customers should always associate a tagline with your business. In the vast majority of cases, this tagline should follow two simple rules:

  • Your tagline should be about six words long.
  • A customer should be able to interpret it within three seconds.

Ideally, your marketing strategy should have this tagline included from the very beginning. If it’s already associated with your business, it should be fairly simple to incorporate into unique trade show booths. No marketing strategy is complete without a memorable, meaningful tagline.

Trusting the Professionals

Once you have the images and the tagline you want to use, it’s time to set up your design and booth. If you want to create a truly unique trade show display, it’s essential to reach out to the professionals. Trade show display manufacturers will not only be able to elegantly incorporate your graphics, they’ll be able to create exhibits that use these elements to draw attendees to your booth.

Whether you’re a seasoned trade show veteran or not, remember to keep these tips in mind for a flawless trade show display design. If you have any questions about designing an effective trade show booth or need a display expert on your side, contact our team at World Class Graphics & Displays.