How To Find The Right Size Trade Show Display For You

Trade show events are one of the best sources of outreach and networking opportunities. For this reason, standing out at a trade show is not only necessary but essential.

However, in order to effectively stand out in a way that showcases your products and entertains potential clients and investors, you need first to determine the size and layout of your trade show display. But how do you know what size trade show display you should be using during these events?

Understand your marketing goals

To determine the necessary size of your trade show booth, you must first determine what will be happening inside of your booth. Consider your business goals for coming to the trade show to start with.

Are you showcasing your business’ new products or are you providing demonstrations? Are you generating leads or are you providing interactive technology?

It’s these questions you need to ask yourself in order to guarantee that your space is large enough for what you want to accomplish. There’s no specific way to know for sure what size trade show display you’ll need. Therefore, it’s essential to know your marketing goals ahead of time so that you can choose the right display.

The different sizes of trade show booths

Fortunately, whether your marketing goals are big or small, a trade show booth manufacturer will have a variety of booths in a variety of sizes. Common trade show displays come in the following sizes:

  • 10×10 trade show displays. Also called a linear inline booth, these types of displays only open in the front and also come in 10×20 and 10×30 options. However, it must be noted that with these booths you’re often limited to the available space due to eight-foot height restrictions.
  • Peninsula trade show displays. These trade show booths are typically 20×20 ft or larger. They’re open on three sides.
  • Island trade show displays. These trade show booths are open from all sides and are capable of standing alone. They’re often 20×20 ft or larger and are known for letting displays layer up to the ceiling.

Which booth size options are best for you?

To determine the right size trade show booth, you need to determine the size of your products. After that, determine how much floor space you’ll need for chairs and tables. Finally, determine how much space you’ll need for employees and incoming traffic. On average, your booth should be able to accommodate up to 800 visitors during a trade show; normally one out of every four attendees is a potential buyer.

Determining the right size booth for your display can feel challenging when you’re new to trade show events. Fortunately, trade show display designers and manufacturers can help you establish the correct size you need for a great trade show experience. Contact World Class Graphics & Displays today for a custom trade show display you can feel confident in.